The Profession That Everyone Needs But Nobody Wants

The Profession That Everyone Needs But Nobody WantsI love my work and feel fortunate to work in a profession that is intellectually stimulating and personally gratifying. However, there are many unusual aspects to it. Not unusual in the quirky, weird or depraved ways in which movies have portrayed psychiatrists including Gregory Peck in Spellbound, Lauren Bacall in Shock Treatment, Michael Caine in Dressed to Kill, Kevin Spacey in Shrink, Jude Law and Catherine Zeta Jones in Side Effects and Richard Dreyfuss in What About Bob, or in the level of psychological intimacy that we achieve with patients, but in the nature of our social interactions.

When I attend social events, whether cocktail receptions, dinner parties, or bar mitzvahs, I frequently meet interesting people with whom I would enjoy becoming friends. Yet, before I can follow up, these new acquaintances often contact me to ask for my help—and confide the kind of intimate and revealing details usually reserved for long-trusted friends and family members… or no one at all…..more

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